I run a 4 week Stress Management course for anyone to participate in for people who suffer from stress or those who just want to know how to manage it.

The course will run in five hour sessions

The course covers:

Introduction to stress management

Assessment of stress

Life events

Human function curve

Fight or Flight reaction

Life chart

The road to burn out

Stress and work

Stress and you

Distinguishing between what you can and cannot control

Sleep help

Introduction to mindfulness

Problem solving

Behaviour types

Managing Type A behaviour

Self-defeating beliefs and perfectionism

Dealing with criticism

People pleasing

Unrelenting standards

Time Management

Goal planning

Minimum of 8 attendee’s maximum of 12

Dates arranged once enough interest is shown

Cost upon application

For any other details contact Jennie on 07905175777 or Email

Jennie Wickenden Walsh

Jennie Wickenden Walsh