What is Psychotherapy


Often clients come to cross roads in their life where they feel despair and hopelessness.

Some find themselves in circumstances where they do not know which way to turn, confusion.

Others find themselves repeating patterns that create anxiety in their relationships.

A few are not sure why they come; they just know that things need to change.

All want to understand their feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and be able to make a proper sense of themselves.


Untangling their thoughts enabling clients to make choices, helping them to be aware of behaviours and offering them the space to express their feelings.  

It is rare to go through life and not meet up with past hurts, pain and regrets.  Often confusion about the future which direction you are going in and why.  When we are in such turmoil it is difficult to enjoy life fully.

In therapy at the very least you can begin to remove some of the obstacles, and begin to find your potential.


Jennie Wickenden Walsh